By menas of the funeral rites it has been the practice of the Church, as a tender mother, not simply to commend the dead to God but also to raise high the hope of its children and give witness to its own faith in the future resurrection of the baptized in Christ.-Order of Christian Funerals


In the funeral rites the Church both intercedes on behalf of the deceased, and comforts the gathered mourners with the hope of the resurrection. It is the duty of Christian families to provide for the deceased the proper rights, to carry out the fraternal offices of burial.

Typically a Catholic funeral includes a time the night before the Mass for a gathering of the family and friends in the funeral home. This is also known as a visitation are awake. The next day the family may gather either at the church are at the funeral home and process together with the deceased to the church.

The funeral rites begin at the baptismal font it to be entrance to the church, the casket of the deceased is sprinkled with holy water as a reminder of baptism. These are candle which was lit at the Easter vigil and is lit for each baptism, is burning. And the casket is covered with a white cloth reminiscent of our baptismal garment.

At St. Joseph we provide a program for the funeral liturgy with all the songs and the readings for the Mass. This allow everyone to follow along with the service whether they are Catholic are not. Catholics and non-Catholics alike are invited to participate in the funeral rites and to take the time to pray for the deceased and their family. Everyone is welcome to pray with us, but only Catholics who are regularly practicing their faith and are not aware of any grave sin are to be admitted to Holy Communion.

A single brief eulogy may be given by one person after communion during the funeral mass. It is important that this be brief, reflect the life of faith of the deceased, and lead the gathered mourners to a greater hope in the resurrection.

At the end of Mass a special prayer of commendation is said over the deceased and the casket is blessed with incense.

After the Funeral Mass the family and close friends of the deceased typically accompany the body in procession to the cemetery. There a priest or deacon blesses the grave and says the prayers of committal.

Families are invited to choose the readings and songs for the Mass with the priest celebrant. The sung prayers and Scriptures help us come to understand and more fully appreciate the hope we have for eternal life in Christ. At St. Joseph we are blessed that the music at funerals is led by a choir of volunteers. We also offer families the opportunity to have a luncheon after the funeral Mass.

If you are visiting our parish for a funeral, please see our visitor’s page for more information about visiting our parish.



Funerals must be scheduled with a priest of the parish. It is possible to use the parish church for a time of visitation before the actual funeral. Do not finalize or publish any arrangements before receiving confirmation on the time and date from the priest.


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