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Event Staff:

At the Corpus Christi Center we are looking to hire people who are interested in being part of our team of event staff. We are interested in people who are willing to play a multi-faceted role, which basically means helping wherever needed. This could mean making coffee, or running ice to the bar, or emptying trash, or mopping a spill, or helping break down at the end, or yes, doing the dishes (as in racks through the dish machine, nothing by hand). This is not a role with steady hours but it is a paid position. There are two types of events that we staff: Friday/Saturday evening events like wedding receptions, with hours usually in the 5-10 pm range (as described above), and smaller Sunday personal parties which are much simpler. We also could use people who could help with setups on Fridays, which is a much easier role. If you are interested in any of the above, please contact Heather Selsor at the Corpus Christi Center at hselsor@sjiparish.org.

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