Parishioner Parties in the Corpus Christi Center

Back in August of 2019 when the CCC opened, who could have guessed what the ensuing year and a half would hold? To some extent, we were beginning to get a sense of overall operations when everything screeched to an abrupt halt in March of last year. Since then, with the benefit of more experience with a few larger events, and having learned many lessons in a trial-by-fire manner, we’ve decided to make some changes to facilitate the use of the CCC by parishioners on Sundays (or other non-prime times) for personal parties.

It is worth a reminder that the CCC is a multi-use building and policies and procedures will continue to evolve as experience mandates. Previously, the school cafe and several spaces in Holy Family Hall (formerly known as the “Upper Bridge Building”) were available for various ministry meetings, but as the school has grown, and definitely because of pandemic-related restrictions, the CCC is being used for many things and it is important to have well-communicated policies to maintain order as well as to protect the parish’s significant investment.

If a parishioner wishes to book the CCC, our policy will continue to be to charge you for the room size you need, but we do not necessarily close dividers to limit you if there is nothing else going on. However, for as long as there are capacity restrictions due to COVID-19, you will definitely be allocated more space as we are only allowing 6 chairs per table, not 10. It is important to note, however, at the present time and through at least Easter, nothing may be booked that includes a dine-in option. This is an Archdiocesan regulation.

Prices for parishioner use of the CCC will now be $125 for one room (was $175), $175 for two rooms (was $300), and $275 for 3 rooms, which equates to one side of the hall (was $475). Included with this room use fee will be the following: a staff member onsite, use of the oven or stove for heating, simple plastic tablecloths, coffee/tea, and pitchers of soda. No alcoholic beverages may be brought into the CCC, but a variety of bar options are available. If you wish to connect a laptop to the projector/sound system, that is an option as well in some rooms. Bring your FireStick or Roku for extra entertainment options; guest wifi is available.

It only makes sense that there are guidelines as to making the space your own. To protect the walls and dividers, nothing may be taped or pinned to them. You are, of course, free to use tabletop décor as long as glitter is not involved, as it is extremely difficult to clean up. Balloons may be used as long as they are tied down or weighted down. We wish to avoid the balloon-entangled-in-chandelier scenario!

We hope that at some point before too long the limitations with regard to the pandemic will be behind us, and that the CCC will spring to life. We also hope that everyone understands that rules are necessary to help maintain such a widely-used, shared resource.



Parishioner Parties in the Corpus Christi Center

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