Our Faith

This is the faith of the Church! And we are proud to profess it Christ Jesus our Lord!

Our faith is first of all a gift from God. How can we know God? If so much of world still eludes our understanding how can our minds grasp the great, eternal, infinite, and invisible God? Yet God, whom “no one knows,” has chosen to reveal himself, to let us know him, in his Son, Jesus Christ. (see The Gospel of Matthew 11:27) God came and dwelt among us so that we can come to know him. (see the Gospel of John 1:14) He came to testify to the truth. (John 18:9)
For 2,000 years, this Catholic faith has been handed down from one generation to next, starting with Jesus Christ teaching the Twelve Apostles. Those Apostles proclaimed, through the Holy Spirit, what they had seen and heard throughout the whole world. (1 John 1:3) That testimony continues today. In our own lives, we may receive that faith from our parents, from friends, or even a stranger we meet.
St. Paul tells us “Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” (Hebrews 1:1) Living as a Catholic includes many wonderful beliefs, practices, and devotions; too many to catalog here.  It was not enough for Christ to “show us the Father.” He wants make us members of his body, to share his very life. The Catholic faith is not merely a list of beliefs, but is an invitation to a daily and dynamic relationship with God that changes us even in this life, so we can love like he does, and brings us to eternal life with him the next life. 
To the right are links to various articles to help you understand our Catholic faith. We hope this resource will be valuable to both interested non-Catholics as well as to those already Catholic who might be looking to deepen the practice of their faith.
If you want to know more about discovering our Catholic faith as a newcomer to the Church or re-discovering the Catholic faith you received at baptism, you may want to start by exploring our Newcomers section.
To learn about what we believe as Catholics, you will want to start with What Do Catholics Believe? If you want to learn more specifically about the seven sacraments, visit the Sacraments area of our site.
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