Parish Organizations

At St. Joseph Parish, we believe a church is simply a building but The Church is comprised of Her people and their rich spiritual commitment using their time, talent, and treasure to serve the parish family and the surrounding community. We work together to further not only the mission of The Church, but the Parish mission and the individual mission awarded to each of us by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

All parishioners of St. Joseph Catholic Church are called to be stewards of faith. As stewards, we recognize that everything we have is a gift from God, and with gratitude we give back to God and generously share with others what we have received. In this, we advance the mission that Christ has given to all of us—“to make disciples of all nations” (beginning in our own homes and local community).

There are a vast array of opportunities to begin or to continue your journey into discipleship. Just click on each of the areas below to explore the many ministries at St. Joseph. Let us all be good stewards and open wide the doors of our hearts to Christ!


An opportunity to serve within Holy Mass


Opportunities to grow in Faith through education and sharing


Different ways to support the mission of St. Joseph Parish


Outreach both within the parish and community


Opportunities to share with faith with friends and family






We must open the doors of our hearts like the disciples of Emmaus, asking Him to stay with us so that we might pass through the doors of faith, allowing Him to help us understand the reasons we believe and then going out to announce them.  Faith means that we decide to be with the Lord, to live with Him, and share this life with our brothers and sisters.”  Pope Francis

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