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The church building is our parish center, it is where we are nourished by the sacraments. This building is the place where new Christians are welcomed reborn of water and the Spirit in baptism. It is here lives are united in Holy Matrimony. The parish church is where we gather to commend those who have died to our Heavenly Father. Most importantly, each week, our parish gathers within these walls to share in the Eucharistic Sacrifice.

The parish church has a distinctive octagonal design. The eight sides echo the ancient baptismal fonts of the Roman churches. God created the world and rested on the seventh day, Saturday. God begins his new creation in Christ's rising from the dead on the Eight Day, Sunday. Every Sunday we gather in our parish Church to glorify our Risen Savior.

The Church was designed with the possibility of expansion in mind. The middle of the church seats 450 people. The outer ring, with the lower roof host a spacious vestibule, two additional seating areas with a few hundred more seats, the restrooms, the nursery, the choir, and our adoration chapel. If all of this was converted to seating in the future the church could seat 900 people.

Guests and the parish family are welcomed with a spacious vestibule. A statue of our patron, St. Joseph looks over the space. Two sets of glass doors lead to the main body of the church. The main seating area of a church is called the nave. To the left door open up on additional seating, and to the right an open area swith pews is seperated from the nave with glass. This serves as additional seating, particularly for families with small children. Restrooms and a parish nursery room are located down the hall on right past this seating area.

Right inside the church from the vestibule is the Baptismal font. Next to the font is the Pascal Candle. The Paschal Candle, also called the Easter Candle or Baptismal Candle, is lit each year at the Easter Vigil and represents Christ coming to enlighten the world. The candle burns at Mass through out the Easter season. For baptisms the candle is lit, and each baptized child receives a candle lit from the Paschal candle to show that they have been enlightened in Christ. At funeral we also light the candle to remind us of the light given to the deceased at baptism.

The font itself is in the same octagonal shape of the church. This eight sided shape is an ancient tradition for Baptism. The eight day is the sign of being recreated in Baptism. Christians die and rise with Christ through this Sacraments.

Behind the Font is the Ambry, where the holy oils used for the sacraments are kept.



Across the back wall are are hung the stations of the cross. The doors next to the glass windows on the East and West wall of the church lead to the confessionals.

On the West side of the Church is a devotional area. Here is a statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This statue is from the previous church in Kimmswick. Candles can be lit in this area. These candles represent our prayers being offered before God. The light gives honor to Christ and his mother. The candle continues to burn in the church even when we are unable to stay in the church and pray for a long time ourselves. 


The center of the church is the sanctuary. It is here, on the altar that the Holy Sacrifice is offered each day. The Word of God is proclaimed from the pulipt. The tabernacle sits at the back of the sanctuary, and here the Blessed Sacrament is kept in reserve for the sick.


An architect's rendering of the church from the planning stages

The current St. Joseph's Catholic church in Imperial Missouri was completed in 1999. It was designed by Art Stauder of Stauder Architechture of St. Louis. Itwas built by Hof Construction, but many dedicated volunteers form the parish did the finish work for the lower 13 feet. The total cost of the church and its origianl furnishings was 1.7 million dollars.


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Our Patron, St. Joseph

Our Stained Glass Windows



Our Parish Church

The Art Glass Windows

Stained Glass Windows from the old Church


The Image of Our Mother of Perpetual Help is located in the devotional area. Perpetual Help Devotions are held every Tuesday after the 8AM Mass.

This statue of our patron St. Joseph adorns the sanctuary.

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